Niccolò was born in Florence in 1977; he is a documentary and portraitist photographer. 
He approached photography during the university, after won a photo camera by a supermarket collection points. In Florence, he studied photography and in 2004 he 
moved to Milan. His photographic research is focuses on people and their identity.
Niccolò now working on personal project and assignment.
Selected clients and publications include:
Ing, Allianz, Tim, Merck, AW LAB, Mysecretcase, Decathlon, Fondazione Pirelli, Pirelli, Le Monde, Liberation, Fluter, Stern, Die Ziet, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Riders, Sportweek, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Sette
2023 "They don't look like me" _exibition "Hamburg Portfolio Review"
2023 "They don't look like me"_finalist "Belfast Photo Festival" award
2022 “Covid19 Face Wear”_exibition “Cortona On The Move”
2020 "Covid19 Face Wear"_winner "Portrait of Humanity" award
2015 "Il pranzo della Domenica"_finalist “Premio Ponchielli” award
2013 "Andate in pace”_finalist "Premio Ponchielli” award
2013 "Andate in pace”_honourable mention "Photographic Museum of Humanity Award” 2012 "Andate in pace”_ finalist "Sony World Photography Awards"
2012 “Andate in pace”_ finalist "Francesco Fabbri" award
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+39 320 0724514